It was a real pleasure working with Lottie. She provided a great translation for us (French to English), and all the communication with her was speedy, professional and friendly. I’m really happy to have found a reliable new translator and look forward to working with her on upcoming projects.
Emma Brooke, Gymglish

I have worked with Lottie on a couple of substantial projects involving several translators, fundamentally concerning environmental matters (climate change and biodiversity). I have found Lottie to be totally professional in her approach to her work and accurate in her translations. She researches the subject well when necessary, meets deadlines and is generally a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending her for other projects, indeed I hope to work with her again in the future.
Sue Esplan, Saret Translations

Lottie was responsive and professional. She asked intelligent questions, making sure she understood the text and what was required. She delivered promptly and was open to feedback. I would happily work with her again and can recommend her services.
Katie Gibson, Gibson Translations

Un grand merci à Lottie pour sa grande réactivité et la qualité de la traduction qui m’a permis de rendre mon dossier en temps et en heure! (Many thanks to Lottie for her responsiveness and the quality of her translation, which enabled me to deliver my document on time!)
Marjorie Breille, Gymglish

Lottie’s professional attitude and competence make her an ideal candidate to send jobs to. It’s been a pleasure working with her and a great decision using her services, so much so that we will surely return with more requests in future.
Monica Lobefaro, ML Linguistics

I have asked around our full team and have received really positive feedback from our proofreading team on your work! Your translations are highly accurate and convey the meaning of the original source very well.
As a project manager too can I say you are extremely speedy in confirming projects I send to you and are always accommodating of larger requests too.
Lovely to be working with you and I very much hope to work with you again soon.
Adam Shanley, Eclipse Translations

Lottie is a superb translator, bringing a strong work ethic to every project she tackles.
Gillian Palmer, Watching America

Thank you for all your hard work in the past couple of months.
We are extremely happy with the quality of your work and you have been able to adjust to the needs of our biggest and most demanding client, which is really amazing!
Serena Ferrara, Project Manager

Bonne utilisation de la langue. Nous somme ici face à une traductrice qui ne fait pas de mot à mot mais qui sait manier la langues et les différentes tournures de phrase. Je ne peux que recommander. (Good use of language. Here we have a translator who does not just translate word for word but who knows how to manipulate languages and different turns of phrase. I can highly recommend her.)
Private French client